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Sounds Healthy

Feb 20, 2020

Pumping breast milk is a great option for new moms who want to breastfeed but also need to head back to work, or may be separated because baby is in the NICU. It can add another level of anxiety by raising questions about how often moms should pump and how much milk supply you should produce.

Lactation consultant Kate...

Dec 23, 2019

A lot of medications can interfere with sexual function – meds for pain, for high blood pressure, for insomnia – the list is long. Dr. Carolyn Eaton sorts through the list and alternatives.

Dec 4, 2019

Encouraging immediate skin-to-skin contact between mother and newborn is just one way we can help newborns latch on and new moms create a strong milk supply. Lactation consultant Kate McLachlan talks about delayed umbilical cord clamping, bedside bathing and other hospital practices that allow the amazing process of...

Nov 6, 2019

Breastfeeding provides the best nutrition. Lactation specialist Kate McLachlan discusses breast milk benefits and the challenges of a good latch. 

Sep 11, 2019

What if you could give your child a shot that protects them from cancer? The HPV vaccine has been available more than a decade, and the data is in: where it’s used, it’s saving lives. But where it’s not (including Texas and Bexar County in particular) the numbers aren’t good. Dr. Rob Sanders discusses the myths...